Alyssa is a badass coordinator, and made our wedding extremely easeful. Hiring her was TRULY an excellent decision. Being control freaks DYI-everything-ers, my partner and I hesitated a lot about hiring a day-of coordinator for our wedding, but it was absolutely the right decision because it made it possible for us to drop into all the moments, feelings and celebrations of our wedding and not have to worry about the logistics -- it made ALL the difference in how much we were able to enjoy and take in. Alyssa was friendly and kind, and exactly the right combination of chill and organized (instant email responses when we needed them!) for us -- we had a hard time with a lot of "wedding industry types" but Alyssa totally got us and was NEVER pushy. She made it clear that she was really there to carry out our vision and let us relax -- and she truly did it. I did not have a single worry on my wedding day, and I think it was largely because of her being such a capable and awesome coordinator! 

Leora (2014 Bride)

Photo by: Sun + Life Photography

Working with Alyssa as our wedding coordinator was a joy! I can't imagine how stressed we would have been trying to run our own wedding, or having a distracted family member trying to do it for us. Instead, we were relaxed (or as relaxed as you can be getting up in front of ~180 family and friends) and able to focus on each other and our guests, without worrying about what was coming next. Alyssa runs events like clockwork, with the perfect mix of kindness, sensitivity, and a take-charge attitude that's so necessary for weddings. We were impressed with her warmth and professionalism from our first meeting through the wedding day. We would have struggled to run an efficient rehearsal, but Alyssa confidently took charge and made quick work of guiding ~20 people through the ceremony plan while being sensitive to our input. We had planned most of the wedding day ourselves, and had hired about five other vendors, not to mention our venue manager. Alyssa expertly coordinated between our vendors, worked with the venue manager and staff to ensure that everything happened according to our plan, and seamlessly filled in the gaps where we had missed things. She took the additional decor and reception items that we brought with us and transformed them into a finished setup, without any work or extra direction from us. She was like a ninja during the event, calmly appearing at critical moments to guide us and then slipping back into the shadows to continue running the show. You almost wouldn't have known she was there, except for the fact that everything ran so smoothly. Then, at the end of the night, since we couldn't store anything at the venue, Alyssa pulled a superhero move: she gathered all of our decor and personal items, drove them back to our hotel, and stored them safely in our room while we headed to the after party with our guests. We highly recommend working with Alyssa for your event. Thanks Alyssa!

Sean & Steve (2014 Couple)

Photo by: Gavin Farrington Photography


I have a hearty laugh whenever I look back on the time I almost talked myself out of hiring a day-of coordinator for my wedding. It would have been, hands down, the single worst mistake I made! Instead, working with Alyssa turned out to be one of my very best decisions. She is organized without being militant; soothing without being blase; and has both impeccable taste and a great sense of humor. I knew the second she took charge of my very flighty and disorganized wedding party during the rehearsal that I had made the right decision, but I couldn't have even imagined how much I needed her on the big day. I didn't have to worry for a second about anything on my wedding day because I knew Alyssa had everything under control -- I was completely free to relax, get my hair and makeup done, breathe, and drink champagne. When I walked down the aisle I was floored by how beautiful everything looked and how smoothly everything ran. Any wedding will have a few unexpected curveballs thrown, and Alyssa knocked them all out of the park. When I think back on my wedding I remember only how happy and surrounded by love I was -- I can only imagine what might stick out in my mind if I'd been responsible for managing the umpteen last minute details and decisions that I don't even know about. Thanks so much, Alyssa, for everything -- It was truly the best day and night of my life.

Katie (2014 Bride)

Photo by: Lynette Boyle Photogrpahy

You are one personable, friendly, professional lady and we loved you.  We did not notice any glitch because you were there and we had such a wonderful time with our guests.  We are all singing your praises and just wanted to thank you again.  It was our pleasure to meet you and work with you.

Patty (2013 Mother of the Bride)

You did an amazing job.  It feels like a miracle to me, that what I wanted it to look and feel like is exactly what it ended up looking and feeling like.  I know I'm no special snowflake here and probably a million other women are wanting the exact same lunacy that I did, but it really felt like you got it and me. I'm sure there are a million other things that I'm not mentioning, because I've forgotten or was too clueless to recognize that you'd done them, but thank you.  It was wonderful and I boundlessly appreciate what you did. I wish I had other things that you could come and make more awesome, but for now, my sincere gratitude for this one.  

Maggie (2013 Bride)

Photo by: Gabriel Harber Photography

When we first started planning our wedding, we assumed that we would be able to find all the vendors, do all the planning, and make all of the schedules ourselves.  We quickly realized how time consuming and difficult some aspects of wedding planning could be.  Luckily, we had Alyssa on our side!  She was knowledgeable and understanding of our wishes and our budget.  We can be a bit unorganized, but with Alyssa's help the wedding went perfectly.  Not only did she coordinate the whole bridal party for the wedding weekend, but she contacted all of the vendors to ensure the day was flawless.  Without Alyssa our wedding vision wouldn't have come to life in the same way.  She puts her heart into each and every wedding and that shows.  Her passion for the love and happiness of others is contagious, and helped create a day for us that we will always remember and cherish!

Lindsey & Ricky (2014 Couple)

Photo by: Ryan Flynn Photography

A quick note of thanks for a wonderful wedding experience!  I loved working with you and so appreciate all you did to make things go smoothly.  You are a lovely person with a soothing demeanor, and I feel so fortunate that we found you.  It was perfect, thanks in great measure to you.

Mary (2013 Mother of the Bride)

Alyssa and her years of expertise made our wedding fun, seamless, worry-free and absolutely perfect. From when we told her about our idea for a church wedding with a taco truck, to her helping us with budgeting and a timeline, to finalizing vendor contracts, to putting all the pieces together and everything in between. Alyssa rocks. We're thrilled she's starting Rose Gold. We hope any couple who wants an outside-the-box wedding have the privilege of working with her.  

Angelina and Ben (2014 Couple)

Photo by: Vivian Chen Photography

Getting engaged is exciting and I thought planning a wedding would be too! It was for a while but then then enormity of the task at hand was over whelming! That is where Alyssa came in. I can not describe my graduate enough!! When I couldn't find vendors or meet with them she would meet with vendors or find them for us. She developed our budget and made sure we stayed on it. She created a time line so we would have time to accomplish everything. She even went over all of our vendor contract to make sure we were covered. Her help allowed my husband and I to really enjoy the experience. The day of was perfect! All we had to do was enjoy it and take it all in. Everything was beautifully executed and to top it all off she added great little details. For instance, after we were pronounced man and wife, we were whisked away for a private moment and handed two chilled glasses of champagne. Those little added thoughtful moments made us feel special and relaxed. 

Please do yourself a favor and hire her to help make your perfect day come true!!

Ashley & Phillip (2014 Couple)

Photo by: Nancy Rothstein Photography