About Rose Gold Events

Rose Gold Events is a boutique wedding planning company based in Northern California serving the Bay Area, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. 

No matter if your wedding is a small intimate affair, a grand party for hundreds, or anything in between - we have the knowledge and skills to help you bring it to life.  We know you probably haven't planned a wedding before, and we know it can be a daunting task, but we believe firmly that the planning and the party can be enjoyable, low stress, and super fun!  We are here to make wedding planning more manageable.  We are here to make your wedding day easier.  We are here, for you.

We will simplify the process.  We will guide you through the steps.  We will remind you that it's okay if your envelope liners don't match your napkins (or hell, it's okay if you don't have envelope liners at all).  We are here to talk you through the moment when your mom demands a five course meal, or the moment you realize your venue could get rained out.  We're here for it all.  Rose Gold Events will be the voice of reason, the guiding light, and the badass planner/coordinator who makes it all come together!

Silver is lovely, and gold is beautiful, but rose gold is something special.  At Rose Gold Events, we believe that your wedding or event should be special, and a direct reflection of you, your love, your marriage, and your people - not of us.  Weddings are special because of the magic, and the love, and the party - not because of the money or the details.  

About Alyssa



When I was 15, my step-dad (and the only dad I've ever known) asked me if I would help plan a surprise wedding for him and my mom.  After a few tears and some jumps for joy - I happily obliged.  My parents had been together for nearly 13 years, but for whatever reason, hadn't taken the plunge.  The next two months consisted of lots of secret meetings with my step-dad, trips to the bakery, calls with friends who were florists and photographers, and lots of planning.  In the end, we decided she needed to know.  So my dad proposed in the dining room.  She was ecstatic!  Then, I took my mom shopping for a wedding dress, we ordered outfits for my brother and I, and on May 26, my parents were married in the mountains, in a field, under an oak tree, with 50 people, 22 dogs, and 1 horse present.

The rest, as they say, is history. 


My Story:

Hi there, I'm Alyssa. I am a Bay Area native who has a secret undying love for the Pacific Northwest and country living. I love love, macaroons, logistics, pretty paper products, and a good party dress.  I truly can’t think of anything better than a party that includes delicious food, fun music, and fresh flowers.  And, I still cry at every wedding I go to... there is nothing better than a love story.

I hold both a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Certificate in Wedding Planning from California State University, East Bay.  Being a Certified Wedding Planner is a little odd, in that it's not the most commonly recognized certification.  However, my experience in the program got my foot in the door and taught me a ton about weddings and events!  And now I get to put those skills to use day after day.  After a few stints as an intern for wedding planning companies, it became clear that the logistics and creativity of wedding and event planning was my calling. I have spent the last four years involved in weddings and special events from all angles.  I've worked for a rental company, been a day-of coordinator, planned huge expensive events, and coordinated intimate park picnic weddings.

In my free time, you’ll find me traveling any chance I get, reading or listening to books, backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, relaxing with friends, and obsessively training CrossFit.  Oh, and I dance hip-hop, too!

our philosophy

Weddings are many things: beautiful, fun, special, individual, exciting, and full of love.  They are also: expensive, emotional, sometimes dramatic, and likely bigger and more stressful than any other party you've ever thrown.  And that is where our philosophy comes into play.  

We believe:

  • that a wedding is the beginning of a marriage.  It is two people committing themselves to each other.
  • that some weddings cost $0 (or just the $50 for the marriage license), and some cost $500,000.  And wherever you fall on that spectrum is a-okay.
  • in marriage equality.
  • in being honest, fair, upfront, and truthful.
  • that we are here to help you.  We can guide you through the process, remind you that it's okay to not bedazzle every napkin individually the week before the wedding, and help talk your mom off the ledge the night before the wedding when she realizes that the bedazzling didn't get done.  
  • in helping our clients create a wedding that feels good on the inside - not just one that looks good from the outside.  (Though both feeling good and looking good is great, too!)
  • that at the end of your wedding day, if you are married, then it has been successful. 

I've taken the APW Vendor Sanity Pledge, and I believe in it. 

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